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Spiritual Words of Encouragements

 As a Christian we often encounter a lot of problems and we begin questioning ourselves and the way things happen. If it so happens that you come across these problems, here are some spiritual words of encouragement. In a short but clear article I hope they are what you are looking for.

The Way Things Should Be

God does not test our faith all the time. If you have found yourself in endless trouble ask yourself why? Something could be wrong with you somewhere. So the following subsections will help you gauge yourself and understand why. Try them and so I hope you will be glad you read them.

God’s Power In Action

Perhaps you have been sick as long as you can remember. You have even begun to wonder when and if things are ever going to be right for people like you. At this point in time I would like to assure you that God does perform wonders.
There is nothing impossible with him. All we need to do is to have faith in him and money is not needed in doing so. We also need these spiritual words of encouragements to remind us of His greatness.

Trust Him Against All Odds

I would also love to inspire you to trust in God no matter what happens. After all how are we going to be strong Christians without test? You would sometimes ask yourself why God allowed it to happen.
But before you finish your thought, I would like to give you a fine example about Job. He had done nothing wrong but he was tempted. He lost everything he had but he didn’t lose any hope. God will restore you at the end of your trial, believe me.

Ask God in prayer

One of the things I am failing to understand is why we don’t ask God in prayer. You may be asking him but most people don’t. Instead they go on to try other unholy solutions. If you pray I would love to say dwell in prayer with a sincere heart. You can even start fasting, it would do some difference.

I hope these spiritual words of encouragement will be of great help to you and you will continue reading more articles from this site. For more articles visit askvilleaskville.com  or amazon.com.