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Scripture Words of Encouragement

Scripture Words of Encouragement At times you come across hard times and you’ve always wondered why things happen the way they do even if you know you haven’t done anything wrong. Why don’t you take just a minute or so and consider these scripture words of encouragement, in a form of a brief but very helpful article.

At some point in our lives we worry about why things happen the way they do and not the way we want them to. What becomes a difficult riddle is we follow all the commandments in the bible yet we still face difficulties. The following subsections aim to give you the strength to press on no matter what and of course, they are a health diet for you.

Difficulties will always be there

Hardships, temptations and obstacles have been there and will always be there just like there used to before the early Christians. Even the early Christian did undergo these difficulties. Actually my fellow brother/sister it doesn’t mean the situation is beyond God’s power or else he has forgotten or what. Let’s look at the scripture words of encouragement that tries to explain this.

Sometimes God himself does allow challenges to come our way. Not because he hates us, no. Just think of you and your child. You do allow your sick daughter to undergo a painful operation. Why? This is not because you hate her, right. You wish her to be cured of the disease tormenting her.

Joseph story

Sometimes God allows these difficulties to come our way just to strengthen our faith in him and to show his power. I hope you still remember Joseph’s story in Egypt. When woe surrounded him it almost seemed God had forgotten about him. But at the end we see Joseph being the second in command in Egypt.

I hope these scripture words of encouragement have indeed been helpful to you and they account why things happen the way they do. For more of these motivational words from the bible, you can visit sites like encouragement.com  or heavenisopen.com.