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Athletic Words of Encouragement


Athletes also go through a lot of stress in their lives. Having inspiration in your life can lead you to success. Athletes also go through a lot of stress in their lives. Having inspiration in your life can lead you to success.


The following paragraphs will help you find athletic words of encouragement.Words of encouragement will help get the players mind at ease, especially,when they are getting ready for a game.

One of the reasons why coaches psyche their players just before games is to ease their mind. 

Just before a game

There was once a person who said” Trust yourself; you know better than you think you do”. These are athletic words of encouragement that can be said just before games begin. With these words you will be telling your athletes to believe in the talents that they have and they will be able to perform well. When an athlete is in doubt, it is easy for them to make a mistake that they would not have made had they been encouraged just before a game.

With words of encouragement you can be able to boost their confidence even when their opponents seem unbeatable. Another phrase to encourage athletes is” Use the talent that you possess”. These words will encourage them to make use of the talent they have without reservations. 

Encouragement words after a game

Athletes and players need to be encouraged after a game. It doesn’t matter if they lost or won the game. When players or an athlete has lost a game, you can encourage them by saying they will do better next time. After all, it is a very competitive world out there. If you are a coach and can’t encourage or motivate your players then they might leave you to find a team or coach that will motivate and encourage them all the time. Find athletic words of encouragement from here.  

A game has two endings; either you win or lose. It is not every time that you will win; there will be times when you lose. As a coach, you may be furious that your team has lost but what is the point of venting your frustration out on them when there is really nothing that you can do as the game has already been played.

By motivating them, you will be ensuring that the next time they have to compete, they do better. With the right
 encouragement words they might even perform better. You can also tell the athletes that they did their best, only it wasn’t their day.  


  • Athletes also go through a lot of stress; before and after a game. 
  • Before a game you can simply tell them that they should do what they know best. This is encouragement on its own. The athletes will make sure they perform better just with these encouraging words. 
  • Words of encouragement after a game would be to tell them that they did their best only it was not their day. 



Additional Information

Remember not to put pressure on your athletes or players just before a game as this can affect their performances. Athletes are also nervous at this point.

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